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Designers, do you ever feel like you've gotten stuck in your career?

I know that feeling — when you've reached a career plateau. No matter what you do, you can't make more money unless you work through the nights doing endless freelance projects.

Do you remember how you came to this profession with stars in your eyes, eager to make products and processes more beautiful and convenient?

You tried your best to make your design projects stand out. You read countless articles about design, practiced every day, and improved your skills. Every compliment from your friends and colleagues, every like on Dribbble, confirmed that you're talented designer.

But then someday...

You're stuck!

• You feel bored making the same designs, layouts, landing pages, and illustrations.

• You're tired of working just to get paid and collecting likes on Dribbble

• You want to create passive income on top of your design skills

• You want to make 5x, 10x, or even 20x more money without selling your freedom

• You want to stop doing freelance projects but also want to quit your full-time job

Every creative person faces these problems, sooner or later.

You wanted to become a better designer, but you became trapped by the habits of an employee.
Let's make some things clear for both of us. Let's ask some questions.

Do you want to build projects for your clients? Or do you want to create projects for yourself and make your own money month by month?

Do you want to finish another deadline to make your client happy? Or do you want to have the freedom to control your own time?

Do you think it's better to waste your life on a full-time job than to make your ideas happen and watch how your personal projects grow year after year?

Do you think it's better to get excited every time somebody likes your designs on Behance or to apply your hard-earned skills on something that gives back to you? Passive income, trips with friends around the world, a new Porsche?

You know the answers, right?

I know sometimes you get this idea to build your own side project or start a business. It starts when, one day, you read a motivational post on Medium, like "How to start your business to earn a passive income."You think, "Oh, wooow! What an opportunity!" Right away you believe your life will never be the same again.

You close your laptop.

Tomorrow you return to your work to finish a project for another deadline.

Suddenly, everything you read the day before disappears.

Another deadline.

Another like.

Another project that isn't yours.

This is where most dreams to start your own business die.

I know how it feels.

Eight years ago I was lying on a green carpet from IKEA in my rented apartment in Moscow, staring at the ceiling and wondering why I was so poor.

I constantly changed my full-time jobs, getting a slightly bigger salary over time. But my income always remained average.

I went to mediocre restaurants, wore mediocre clothes, rode the subway, and didn't understand what I needed to change to make decent money.

I wanted to change it so bad.

Then I realized if I wanted to make 10x more money without selling my time, I should try to make a digital product. I just needed to find a problem worth solving, build a project around it, and make money.

I started from making UI design kits and moved on to make my first profits shortly afterward.

First they grew enough to cover my rent, then they allowed me to quit my office job and stop troubling with freelance work. This project covered all my expenses, and by the third year my partners and I made our first million.

Everything started from a tiny step in the right direction.

I became an example for myself of a person without special talents, money, or influential connections who managed to get off his ass and start his own business.

Sharing experience is so important to humanity. This is how we evaluate. We help others to reach what we achieved and learn from those who achieved what we struggle to reach.

That's why I want to share the valuable insights and gems from my own experience transforming from a designer into an entrepreneur.

I want to introduce you to my online course Million Designer.

A new online course for UI/UX/Product/Graphic designers, illustrators, and all the creatives that will let you:
Yes, Million Designer was created for designers like you. It's the first online course created for designers by a designer. And no, it's not about design. It's about reloading your career.

This course will show you new opportunities for growth.

Over this 30-day course, you'll learn how to take your design skills and get out of the rat race, get out of the 9–5, get out of the desperation of the freelance struggle.

You'll learn how to put your skills to use earning passive income through lessons built on my own experience. This is the path that took me out of my own struggle as a designer and launched my career as my own man—an entrepreneur.

My path selling digital designs took me and my partners to our first million in just three years. Where will your path take you?

In 30 days with this online course you graduate from a designer—idling your time away uploading new images on Dribbble—to an entrepreneur who builds and sells your own digital product.

15 life-changing lessons in the form of a video course will show you how to:

  • Set your goals and motivate yourself with the right tools
  • Find a profitable idea for your next digital product
  • Define a target audience
  • Choose a profitable business niche
  • Build a prototype of your product
  • Create a landing page to describe your idea
  • Measure your product's potential success before building it
  • Find your first customers
  • Promote your product with Facebook
  • Find marketplaces to sell your product
  • Build partnerships
  • Develop business funnels
  • Conduct email marketing
  • Autopilot your business with delegation
  • Make an affiliate program

Sound too difficult? Not at all, it'll be fun as hell!

When you are starting a business for yourself, you are no longer just a designer. You are a marketer first, a salesman second, and a project manager third. Million Designer is here to help you easily wear all of these hats.

This course will take you from A (when you have a desire to change your life) to Z (when you build a profitable business and make $$$). No bullshit, just a focus on helping you with key entrepreneurial skills and tips backed by life experience.

Nobody was born as entrepreneur, but the best figured out how to become one.

But wait, who am I and why you should trust my experience?

I'm Vladimir, a designer and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. In 2011, I became a co-founder of Designmodo, a popular platform for web designers. Together with my partners, I've launched several prominent projects such as Startup Framework, Flat UI, and Slides.

We made our first million by the end of the third year.

Bits of my works are available on Dribbble and Behance. I take part in a number of growing business projects such as Donetown, Foculty, Mailto, and Seedbelt Framework.

If you're still reading then you know it's time to move on with your career and start building your future today. You've had enough motivational articles forgotten with time.

You know you have to start right now!

You can name the current chapter of your life "Preparation" and start a new chapter called "Doing".

Ok, here's what to do next

From here it's just finalizing the details. This course will be available by the end of this spring. (I'm so much excited to finally show it to you!) I decided to limit the number of seats so that I can give each participant special attention, and not many places are still available.

Right now you can save up to $500 with pre-sale prices, which is an insane discount. In a few days these prices will rise significantly. Be sure to book your place for the lowest possible price by enrolling today.

Guarantees? Of course you're covered. I don't want you to waste your time and money for another motivational article. I want you to start your first business and make money! So if this course does not meet your expectations (you'll soon find this unbelievable), I will return your money with no questions asked.

Click on the button below, pick whichever plan you want to be on (with or without my mentorship), and we can finally get started.

See you on the other side.
Video Course
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  • 30+ video lessons and exercises
  • 7+ hours of video
  • Over the shoulder screencasts
  • Marketing hacks & tactic
  • Only 50 seats available
Video Course + Mentorship
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  • 30+ video lessons and exercises
  • 7+ hours of video
  • Over the shoulder screencasts
  • Marketing hacks & tactic
  • My personal mentorship
  • Only 15 seats available
* This course will be available by the end of this spring.
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