Make your first million as a designer.

Transform your design skills into a profitable business in 30 days.
I know, it took a lot of hard work to grow yourself into a good designer. However, it's time to acknowledge that neither full-time job, nor freelance give you the money you want to make.

You create your designs all day long to please your boss, and every evening you watch him driving away in his new Porsche. You feel embarrassed. You come back home and spend all night working on a freelance project that would bring you more cash.

You have to sell your spare time, but still you keep examining price tags. What should happen to you to get that Porsche? Change the company? Do more freelance projects? Improve your designer skills? You know it won't work. You are running against the wind. There should be another, more justified system.

You struggle to make more money.

¹ Full-time job or freelance will not give you the money you want to make. Even if you're trying hard.

² You spend all the time working but still you keep examining price tags.
You feel that you've already reached the top of your career and now doing something senseless.

One more deadline, one more job done successfully. However, neither Dribbble likes, nor appreciation shown by your office colleagues make you happy anymore.

You know you are up for something more. You are eager to create your own project, but not sure where to start.

You've reached the top of your career.

¹ You'd like to create your own project but have no idea how to do this.
This online course will enable you to build your own digital product without prior experience, and quickly start getting paid. We will begin with working out an idea, get through looking for the right people, and complete with sales and marketing.

Making an artwork for a customer you spend days and nights in order to sell it just once. And if you make it for sale, you create it once and then sell it many times. You'll finally be able to stop that rat race for money and realize how to turn your projects into value and cash.

Build and sell your own design products.

¹ This online course will help you to build your own project, acquire the right skills and make more money.
In this course I included all the experience I've gained creating projects for 6 years. I started from making UI design kits and moved to my first profits very soon. First it grew enough to cover my rent, then it allowed me to quit my office job and stop troubling with freelance. This project covered all my expenses, and it was by the third year that we've made our first million.

With this course, you gonna transform your design skills into a profitable business in 30 days. You'll create a digital product, find first customers and start making money. It'll be the perfect fit for any graphic-, product-, UI/UX designer.

This course is your springboard.

1. Find a profitable business idea
2. Find your target audience
3. Validate the idea
4. Build the product
5. Advertise and market
6. Find first customers
7. Start making money
Hi, I'm Vladimir, a designer/entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. Over the last 8 years I've gained a lot of experience in different fields, starting from making website designs for a hundred customers around the world to building my own projects as an entrepreneur. In 2011, I became a co-founder of Designmodo. Together with my partners, I launched some prominent projects like Startup Framework, Flat UI, and Slides. We made our first million by the 4th year.

Bits of my works are available on Dribbble and Behance. Also, you can read my articles on the educational platform Foculty on assisting people to obtain entrepreneurial skills.

Hey, it's nice to meet you. I'm Vladimir.

Course teacher, Designer, Entrepreneur.

Build your product in 30 days.
This spring. Only 50 seats.

The course begins this spring, number of participants is limited to 50 and not many places left available.
Build your digital product in 30 days with video course
Video lessons and exercises
Only 50 seats available
Over the shoulder screencasts
Build your digital product in 30 days with video course
Video lessons and exercises
Over the shoulder screencasts
30-day mentorship
Only 15 seats available
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