From a designer to an entrepreneur in 30 days
Transform your design skills into a profitable business.
Million designer — the first online course created for designers by a designer. And no, it's not about design. It's about reloading your career.

You're the next million designer if you
Think you've reached the top of your career.
Want to stop taking freelance work and want to get more cash.
Are ready to create a new project but don't know where to start.
"If you are starting a business for yourself, you are no longer just a designer. You are a marketer first, a salesman second, and a project manager third. Million Designer is here to help you to easily wear all of these hats."
Course teacher
What the course is about
When you're tired of making same old banners or layouts, it's time you've tried to shift from designing things to designing experience. This is where your creative background becomes a perfect start.
Do you work just to get paid? To gain a bucket of Dribbble likes? Or to build a strong portfolio? Maybe you work to save money to retire by the sea? Or to do the things you love? Knowing your goals is crucial.
You might have already reached a career plateau — no matter what you do, you can't make more unless you work through the night. This course will show you new opportunities for growth.
Meet the first million designer

Nice to meet you
I'm Vladimir, a designer and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. In 2011, I became a co-founder of Designmodo, a popular platform for web designers. Together with my partners, I've launched several prominent projects such as Startup Framework, Flat UI, and Slides.

We made our first million by the end of the 3rd year.

Bits of my works are available on Dribbble and Behance. I write for the educational platform Foculty on assisting people to obtain entrepreneurial skills. I also take part in a number of growing startups such as Donetown, Mailto, and Seedbelt Framework. Now I'm here to share my experience with you.
Sharing valuable insights from my experience as a designer and entrepreneur — in a step-by-step guide.
"I started from making UI design kits and moved on to make my first profits shortly afterward. First they grew enough to cover my rent, then they allowed me to quit my office job and stop troubling with freelance. This project covered all my expenses, and it was by the third year that my partners and I made our first million."
From a designer to an entrepreneur who builds and sells their own digital product.
Taking you from A to Z
key modules: Analyze, Build, Promote, Measure.
useful lessons. With tasks and teacher feedback. Learn at your own pace and pick up wherever you last stopped.
hours of video. In short bites easy to grasp, including case studies, walkthroughs, and step-by-step tutorials.
techniques that work. No bullshit, just a focus on helping you with key entrepreneur skills and tips backed by life experience.

In this course you will learn how to
your business and personal goals, find promising business idea and define your target audience.
beautiful landing page that sells your idea, create project roadmap and learn how to organize work flow.
your project by launching your first ad campaign.
campaign results, gain first customers and learn what to do next.
Course plan plan
Week One
Introduction. Motivation
Setting business goals
Find a business idea
Defining target audience
Week TWO
Build a prototype of your landing
Build a landing page in Tilda
Setup MailChimp to get subscribers
Advertise with Facebook
Acquiring first customers
Find freelancers to build a product
Delegate tasks to freelancers
Build your digital product
Marketing hacks and tactics
Run automated email sequence
Make an affiliate program
Find leads and scale a business
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